Restricted Travel: Can Travel Insurance Help?


Imagine that you are flying to South Korea to see the K-pop girl group for the first time. A concert ticket has been purchased and you are ready to grab the product and enjoy this unique and unique song. Unfortunately, when you arrived in Seoul, you were informed that for some reason, the concert was a success.

What would you do if you were going to the First Digital Summit in Berlin, but before boarding a plane, you were told that for a number of reasons, designers were forbidden to install and could not get through.

In return cases, travel insurers may be able to assist in providing restricted coverage.

For what you are saying to work, the following must be fulfilled:

  • The termination of the event must exceed the liability of the insurer.
  • The event will not take place before your plane returns to your country of origin.
  • The designer should provide written confirmation that the event is canceled.

There are two (2) steps that can be taken to providing this insurance. These are:

  1. Event canceled prior to departure – If you are notified before you go to the reservation, all insurance costs are up to $ 400 on Non-Resident Tickets and actual fees as reflected in the insurance policy that prepares for non-airline travel, accommodation. , and travel, as well as additional travel costs.
  2. Event canceled upon arrival in your destination country / city – Of these, up to 50% of travel expenses and 7 days of stay will be covered by insurance.

Since this is an extra cover, make sure if all of your ideas or ideas contain this. If not & # 39; t, you can always contact the insurer to include this service.

It is quite certain that what you say will not be considered if the ceremony is scheduled before your flight. Also insurance should cover only those who have not been repaid by the repairs. These claims do not include the price of food and drink, as this is a supplement, which happens every day.

Hearing the extinguished event, especially the one you have invested in and the intense emotional reaction (makes it) heartbreaking. This is why & # 39; it is important to make sure that we can repay the money you paid in advance when it comes to repayment and one can do this by purchasing the right travel insurance with a decent cover.

Canceling Events

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