Why We Visit


Why? Walking is in & # 39; s human blood. I am alive, I will walk. I go on private or public leave.

Seeing is believing

You have seen the seven wonders of the world on pictures and videos many times. No one can say you are worried about being upset. Wouldn't you be willing to go to Cripple Creek and The Band for a concert on YouTube a few thousand times but wouldn't you die to attend their show? Here I go: a live show! That's a secret vacation as you can find it. Standing in front of the Pyramid of Cheops is the feeling that the excitement is not the same as the long videos released by the BBC or something else.

The atmosphere in your living room cannot be compared to the presence of the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China that is just empty. Man-made or man-made, to see for himself and how movement begins. The most memorable is the introduction of authentic local food if you eat it at street markets where the sky is the ceiling or the gourmet restaurant where the tree crosses the roof. For a private or public holiday, you can enjoy your trip as much as you choose

Nostalgia as a Contributor

The longing for the days to pass is more than just a feeling. Like falling in love. You may fall in love a few times if you see a pretty girl. Going back in time to remember events and places is a fun way to spend your time. What would you do if you returned to the site but did not stay in time? The time machine may not be available for air travel but in the meantime, you can board the bus or anything else to get back to your preferred destination.

Even a leaf of grass that was green a year ago you first saw it but when it turns orange it can do things for you. Each place has its place in the hearts of a person. Behind the house you grew up in but didn't live in, in the mountains where you and your friends smoke, each has a million-dollar memorial. You are blessed not to waste too much money. Travel costs are all you will need for a personalized vacation.

Travel Records

Some of the world's most famous travelers have left their experiences in the books they wrote. Reading their accounts stimulates the curiosity of even the most stubborn traveler to think of packing his bag and going. Recently, Harvard Professor George Santayana's hymnography should have inspired many to embark on this journey.

Oceans, Unity of the land

The ocean atmosphere, to the inhabitants of the earth, is as beautiful as anyone else. Walking on the scenery is blowing in the cool breeze that gives your whole body a bright evening sun on a cloudy sea and makes it golden and what the sky is. Every man, woman and child is transformed into a true blue driver while traveling. Why not? Aren't some sailors okay?

Get away from it all

No one except the Beatles can have 8 days a week but the work you do for 5 days a week makes you feel like you have an eight-day week. You want to take the road not taken this far to a place where no one has ever gone. You do not have to calculate the number of trips to learn that traveling around the world increases dramatically if it is a private vacation or a vacation done by any family and friends.

So, why do we travel?

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